Anybody discover the latest change to Norton Safety about requring their Browser extensions be put in.

The thread is intensive:

I like to recommend that all of us do the next and electronic mail the Symantec CEO, as clearly nobody on the backside will pay attention.

E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:richard[email protected])

Topic: Norton Safety – Symantec as a corporation is Smug, Disrespectful and Impolite to its prospects


Not too long ago, Norton Safety has modified its product to deal with the shortage of Norton "Browser Extensions" as a risk with a RED X. When you present an "Ignore Threat" possibility it now not works as anticipated and the RED X stays. A short while in the past, the "Ignore Threat" possibility would work, after which hours or days later the RED X would return. Years in the past, the "Ignore threat" could be completely accepted and I’d by no means be aggravated once more.

Let me clarify one thing to you. Your group is demonstrating vanity, disrespect, and rudeness in how this "threat" is introduced to prospects (newcomers to superior). Those that select to "Ignore" which is OUR RIGHT, now have precise vital dangers hidden from us. Aka you’re creating the impact of WHITE noise, and nobody will truly discover once they have a REAL RISK. Clearly from the highest down in your group, nobody has a clue. You might be inflicting extra hurt than good. You might be endangering your prospects with this "SPAM" habits of requiring us to put in your pathetic excuse for browser extensions. They gradual the browser down, they block what shouldn't be blocked and so they simply plain don't work. But, so as to be in a state the place I’m appropriately warned to REAL RISKS, I must set up your extension CRAP.

Critically, develop up. FIX THE PROBLEM! Honor the IGNORE RISK.

How would you prefer it if this electronic mail went to all the Govt Group, your board of administrators, my congressmen, the legal professional normal? And it got here from 100s if not 1000s of your prospects.

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